Mommy and Me Pill Cases Make Hereditary Depression Fun

Knowing you have a genetic predisposition to depression can make the idea of having children a little bit nerve-wracking. The idea that you could lose out on a healthy parent-child relationship like you did with your parents because the two of you are too forlorn and distant to put in the effort of forced family dinner conversation is pretty bad.

But there are all kinds of products in the Mommy and Me industry that lets mothers and their children bond over a shared novelty item. There are tee shirts for if you have a similar fashion sense, matching shoes for if you like to be active together, matching pepper sprays for if you’re both afraid of assault and battery… The list goes on and on. So why shouldn’t it include pill boxes?

My mom and I are on the same dosage of antidepressants and that fun little coincidence has created a bond that almost makes up for the years of emotional distance when we could not be present for each other due to our preoccupation with the utter numbness we both felt to everything around us.

A colorful, trendy pill box that would make it easier for mother and child to remember their meds together would be a great stepping stone towards fully destigmatizing generational trauma. Families shouldn’t have to hide the fact that they have hereditary depression in their genes. In fact, they should be able to proudly announce it in the form of a travel case they pull out in the airport security line.

Said one (now) happy customer: “When I heard from my mom that depression ran in our family, I was so angry at my parents for conceiving me. What a selfish thing to bring a child into the world just because you want to ‘grow your family and build something you can be proud of’ or whatever. Then when she got us matching pill cases, I was so happy. Mostly because my antidepressants were working and I was remembering to take them on a regular schedule, but the matching cases are super cute too.”

So don’t let the neighborhood exclude you from the block party for another year because your family seems “despondent and off putting.” Buy some adorable novelty cases for your meds and make everyone jealous that the only thing they’re getting from their parents is a boring inheritance. It’s called retail therapy for a reason.